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Part Number: BK4070
Quantity per Vehicle: 1

Product Information

Two Books in One ...


Restoration Book


Created as a logical step to carry on with the hand written history of restoration and continual service of a vehicles existence. For the buyer, that can be from the date of purchase of the classic or for an existing owner it can be from the next oil change to major or minor work carried out. Every owner ends up with a file full of receipts, documents, photo’s, bills, letters etc. and I thought it would be great to have a glove box sized book with all the important details to hand of all service and restoration work in one place.

The whole concept is styled to be in period with the older vehicle, most images now are digital and people tend to keep them on their phone, iPad and computers, which is great. This book is not a photo album but, a testament to work carried out, as it is done. Yes you can use each book to back date previous work so each car has a comprehensive record of work carried out during your ownership. If you have the evidence of previous work carried out, that can be added too.

When the car is on the road, and that may be now (as Restoration Book can be back dated), the journey doesn’t end there, this in when Service Book plays its part. You carry on with a full service record.

This is something which can be used at shows and events It can add value to a vehicle as a confirmation of work which has been carried out.

Everything kept together in one place ...

Both cleverly designed books are built as one, with the Service Book starting on the back of the Restoration Book or vice versa!

Service Book


Service Book is designed to complement Restoration Book by carrying on with the detail. Yes, your classic is now restored but, it still needs to be serviced as the years roll by.

Designed to fit in a glove box, Service Book captures the detail of all service work carried out. It’s a hand written bible of jobs done on your classic, post restoration. It can be filled out by the specialist or owner, and it is an important record of when and what work was done. Along with notes of any jobs to be done in the future. The Service Book has tick boxes for standard service work and offers space for more detailed notes to be given at each service interval.

The books are classically designed, the pages printed on beautifully textured cream paper and they are hand made in the traditional wire bound method to add a special detail to any vehicle.


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